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Sixth Plate


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WAS THE CHILD ANGRY? A small babe was seated with one arm on a painted wooden chair with his chin tucked tightly against his chest. Was the maker demonstrative enough or one of the kid’s parents to convince the lad to sit tight for the resealed sixth plate (of course the pixie didn’t have a clue what was happening) while the lens was uncovered? A mere head restraint wouldn’t have held him there alone. Possibly a narrow piece of leather was tied at the waist, hidden by the fold in the dress and secured in the back. The exposure was fast that’s for certain since the boy’s face is relatively sharp considering how recalcitrant he appears to have been. Flashes of tarnish fly away from the scalloped shaped mat. One dark diagonal line is visible on the lower part of that dress, but it isn’t a scratch. The silver is very luminous after the detached cover of a leather push button case is opened. Daubs of red highlight the child’s cheeks. He was illuminated from above and that tiny chubby face has.