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Sixth Plate


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AH SHUCKS! Nary a care in the wide world when the subject was taken in sixth size by an operator who wasn’t timid about asking his client to push back that thick beaver top hat on his forehead so he could light his handsome face without any obvious shadows creeping above his brows. Success was a certainty and the fellow floats away from the darkness inside the oval brass mat. Only a complete leather case with a nicely repaired hinge permits me to keep the swain from stepping out past my keyboard. The blue solarization on the rounded edges of his chapeau, along his collar and shirt, plus on part of his face contrast with the tonality and facial tinting. There is a dimple near the left side of the guy’s bowtie. Those dots and dashes on his jacket were part of the cloth. Morse code you might inquire? Have I mentioned the deep depth and lovely sparkling reflectance? Faint mold spiders, patina and a couple white specks are on the mirrored likeness.