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Sixth Plate


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SCRUNCH TIME! Flanked by his sisters, the absolutely adorable little lad further narrowed his shoulders and held a book while gazing innocently into the lens of a camera capable of making this (resealed by someone else) sixth plate. The eldest girl squinted while her female sibling stared wide-eyed directly at the wooden box on a tripod. I am at a loss to explain the harshness of the buff marks. And the overall dullness of their likeness. The vividness of the boy’s freckled honest face was enough for me to make a purchase. The mark next to the older gal’s mouth was a part of her. A couple caveats, the children look so much better than my scan and I don’t know what all that whiteness is in the tarnish on the left side of the image. I can’t see it even using a loupe. As you all know, where the specks are doubled, the muck is on the underside of the glass. Kept in a fine leather case with a plain red silk pillow inside, I can honestly say this is a “sleeper dag”!