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Sixth Plate


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TWO FOR ONE. The next collector can decide if the purchase price reflected one of the loving couple’s value and the other one, kept in a leather case with two compartments and a rubber cement spine, was gratis or were they each of equal merit. The pair of sixth plates were sealed by someone else recently and you KNOW, after studying the scans and seeing all those doubled dust specks, I am going to lament the fact that WHY bother if you aren’t going to do the job correctly? GRRRRR! And, a couple of the largest scratches on the bottom of each dag look very fresh! Okay, stop listening to me and enjoy the oldsters for themselves. Both sitters were taken by a competent operator who realized that their hands might fly away in fluttered movement if they weren’t holding an object. For the fellow, his cane worked perfectly. The madam, with an eye affliction, was presented with a beautiful, no doubt, inlaid mother of pearl case to cradle in her ancient hands. Neither husband nor wife remained completely motionless during their moments of truth. Both likenesses have splendid depth.