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Sixth Plate


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WHICH OF THE SEVEN SEAS . . . Was the most familiar to the gentleman posed in perfect profile while a remarkable resealed sixth plate was executed at an unknown location? There are obvious mat scrapes visible and very faint spidery lines moving towards him from all directions. The brown dot was his focal point! Just kidding. A bit of tarnish I think. The leather case is battered and in two pieces. However, because of the impression on the red pad, see second scan, it might provide a clue to his career. That appears to be an Asian fish entwined with that anchor. I have to hypothesize that the fellow might have captained a Clipper Ship. He certainly had a weather beaten face and swarthy complexion. I won’t add that he was taken in profile because he lost one eye is defense of his vessel when forced to fend of the attack of the notorious Chinese Pirates that plied the waters around the harbors of the Middle Kingdom. The holographic depth is magical.