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Was He a Pirate? Sixth Plate Dag


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WAS HE A PIRATE? On the reverse of this freshly sealed sixth plate daguerreotype someone wrote: “Presented to E.L. Mc By her affectionate brother W. F. McAllister in remembrance of W.F. McAllister”. A rather odd sentiment don’t you think? That huge area out of focus was caused by a cheap lens on the daguerreian’s camera. Note that McAllister’s shoulders and hair are crisply reproduced! His face was once brightly tinted but at least two cleanings of the silver have taken away most of the color. I can’t remember if I have ever owned a gent wearing an eye patch previously. Oh . . . the stories I could concoct if I wasn’t eager to get out of the office on a bright, sunny not too hot Saturday afternoon! There is a tarnish stain above his head and a mat abrasion upper left. Otherwise the surface is still bright with changeable hues when the leather case with a repaired spine is held open and McAllister is studied. The remainder of the flecks you might see in the scan is totally innocuous!