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Copy of a Marvelously Hand Colored Painting, Sixth Plate Daguerreotype


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HE SAW THE FUTURE! I am referring to the unidentified daguerreotypist who was responsible for this amazing avant-garde tightly composed profile showing the nude upper torso and part of the subject?s handsome face. His thick strands of tousled hair created the appearance of motion in his otherwise solid, unmoving form. The archivally conserved sixth plate was framed by Casey using this early 1850s mat, since the brass design that came with the dag wasn?t correct for the artifact created on the mirrored surface then enlivened with lovely hand tinting. Over the years, human hands created visible scratches and weeping glass most likely were responsible for the surface corrosion and appearance of small green copper dots. Honestly folks, the power of the piece in hand is so remarkable and unique for the daguerreian era that the imperfections can easily be overlooked even by a condition fanatic? like myself! Upon opening the nice complete leather case the portrait absolutely flashes brilliantly and it is a joy to behold while being rotated in good viewing light. I wonder if the maker and his patron envisioned such a fantastic result?