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Sixth Plate


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KINDA EARLY! Sit there, rest that arm on a table (the daguerreotypist would have indicated which one) and look into the lens. Those were probably the instructions for the fellow’s rudimentary retaped sixth plate. Since the space was confined, even for one person, the operator arranged his table and chair almost against that cloth hanging behind the sitter. (He must have focused on the fabric since the texture is so clearly evident). Nearly full frontal light lit the guy! His head shadow danced on the drop. The silver was deeply scoured during the buffing; hence there are horizontal striations in several places. The patina flows across the bottom. Those brown dots are not so strong when the complete leather case, showing a horizontal lyre design on the cover, is opened. Blue solarization filled his shirt and collar. The unidentified fellow moved during the exposure. After the session, his maker splashed red rouge on his cheeks and lips. Note the inverted heart shaped device used to hold his fob at a pre-determined length. If you love primitive efforts like I do, please consider the marvelous man.