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Sixth Plate


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GLIDING ON A MIRROR! Nope, I am not referring to the fellow posed in front of that painted scene. His archivally sixth plate reveals two Hudson River style sailboats moving at a snail’s pace and reflected in the languid water of the river. The foliage on the left created the sensation of visualizing the tranquil scene while looking past the neatly attired sitter who must have been taken on the veranda of an opulent home. In reality, the young gent visited a daguerreotypist who not only knew how to fabricate a mood; he was quite capable in his art! Splendid contrast, crisp focus and overall richness plus deep depth inside a repaired leather case provide instant gratification. If that isn’t enough, fine oxidation and a fanciful brass mat add to the power of the piece. A singular mold spider near one of the vessels is the lone flaw. A hint of blush colors the fellow’s cheeks.