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Sixth Plate


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WHAT WAS OVER THERE? The youthful pair looked left when the daguerreotypist attempted to engage them in conversation while he uncapped his lens to create this resealed sixth size image. The sumptuous portrait is a superb study in the art of daguerreotypy, but the subjects top the perfection of the piece. Why were they peering in that direction? The woman’s warm expression is captivating. Nice painted pigments added to the realistic presentation. Excellent depth and contrast along with great simplicity place this rather ordinary (at first glance) dag near the top of the curve. Further attention to detail is visible because gold was added to the wife’s ring and brooch while her husband’s stickpin was similarly embellished. One mold mite is attached to the lady’s cheek. A white speck is on her dress. The oxidation is colorful. Their used leather case is in two pieces.