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Sixth Plate


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NEARLY SKELETAL! A weirdly made husband and wife that might have been copied from an original retaped sixth plate. The yellow wax on the reverse is reminiscent of plates prepared by Brady’s gallery circa 1848-1852 on some examples. I have also seen it used by Beckers and Piard. Let me assure you readers, I AM NOT suggesting that either firm had anything to do with this duo! While the man was very stern his younger wife (or daughter) or second wife seemed more convivial! My point about their odd appearance evolved from over exposure and solarization. At one angle of inspection, both subjects are positive and negative at the same time. If you are into quirky dags in complete leather cases, try this pair! And if you STILL are wondering what I’m talking about, please observe the lady’s hand! Lots of tarnish on the silver along with some healthy mold spiders.