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Sixth Plate


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A PALETTE OF COLORS. When I was a youngster (YES I WAS at one time) my mom made certain that there were plenty of “KODAK” moments in my life. Isn’t that what we are witnessing in this endearing resealed sixth plate likeness that has an attractive mom attentively holding her tiny son for the daguerreotypist? Her lovely brown eyes were reflecting the main source of light, from the left with a broad white reflector opposite. That darker area was a silhouette of the camera and probably the operator. She had such a warm and very proud expression. The baby also watched the maker while mother pressed their heads together. She had to lean slightly and that revealed the top of a head clamp that had been placed to insure her steadiness. The child curled a tiny finger around one of mom’s. The tinted artistry performed after the piece was fixed and gilded was professionally painted. Gently flowing patina plus the hue of the brass mat add colors to the silvery palette! A couple mold spiders are harmless. When the hinged leather case that opens in the center of the cover is separated the pair are wonderfully displayed. A silver shield is also attached to the middle of the top. One of the small latches is missing.