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Sixth Plate


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A FLASH OF WHITE! The little boy was carefully primped prior to standing next a small table. Beginning with his perfectly combed thatch of thick hair and carefully scrubbed face, someone patiently button his jacket, arranged the collar and placed that handkerchief just so in a slash pocket. He certainly didn’t disappoint his parents since he positioned his hand perfectly with fingers creeping over the edge of the cloth while he stared calmly into the daguerreian’s lens. Once again as with so many examples of the sixth plate art, a bothersome but completely acceptable (during the dag era) out-of-focus area was present. After making a new archival seal the only flaws were a few mold spiders. Don’t let the strength of the mid-tones lull you into thinking that the lad’s image doesn’t have deep depth. It does! And nice tinting too. The cover of the leather case has disappeared.