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Sixth Plate


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GRRRRRR! The boy revealed a deeply furrowed forehead, fingers clenched together and a frown that would shut out the sunshine in his life IF I wasn’t certain that he smiled broadly once the metallic head clamp had been released and he was permitted to leap out of that posing chair. There he was, seated in a tiny tot’s chair, frightened and angry. Okay, maybe he yelled and screamed before his lips turned up, once he realized the agony of posing for a freshly sealed sixth plate was over. Overhead light lit the lad effectively making those creases above his laser focused eyes seem even more dramatic. Give it up people; he was a little dude who kinda sorta performed well for his parents. I like his emotions. He must have been a spunky diminutive character. Only those pair of mold spiders and a couple specks on his trousers keep me from raving about the excellent condition overall. Old patina is visible in a couple areas. The bottom of a leather case remains.