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Sixth Plate


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SURE . . . That must have been the elder woman’s daughter! And both females were married if those two gold tinted bands were indicative of knot tying with the men in their lives. Wasn’t I surprised to see a set of second paper seals applied over the original paper tape? There were fragments of words too. I carefully kept those portions and made a scan of two pieces. When I saw “Perth” I immediately thought Australia. Wow, was I on to a very rare sixth plate from down under? Before I began my internet experience to search for an answer I looked at my scan once again and realized if I placed the right strip to the left and lined up the letters BINGO!!! “From E. Morriso(n) Pioneer Gallery Gore St. Perth (Ontario Canada) I later discovered. Morrison was active in the last quarter of the 19th century in Perth. Unfortunately, I have no absolute proof that the ladies lived in Canada or were they originally taken there. Each of them held a book and watched the man making the image closely. Really deep depth is impressive. There is robust patina on the silver and a wipe on the older subject’s dress. The wooden composite case is apart.