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Sixth Plate


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“No1 FRENCH PLATE” . . . Was inscribed on the copper side of the resealed sixth plate with a hallmark of “star 40”. I suppose the unknown daguerreotypist wrote the notation but I wonder why? He managed to fine focus on the chair that held his cute, diminutive subject and I suspect if the boy hadn’t become uncomfortable during the exposure, circa 1846-1847, and moved his head, the depth of field might have permitted his cunning face to have been sharper too. An inferior made lens created the softness in the center of the image. That black mark near the lad’s neatly combed hair was something protruding from the useless (in this example) iron head restraint. Although the silver was recleaned to remove unsightly brown tarnish, the contrast and reflected depth are excellent. If you don’t mind children moving or you like dark painted furniture wonderfully rendered then maybe this dag is for you. The intact leather case is warped.