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Three sisters were taken vertically but posed horizontally for their wonderful resealed sixth size daguerreotype. Worried sibling sat complacently on the left while smiling and attractive older sister radiated outwardly on the right. The scene-stealer was the cunning dark eyed youngest girl who leaned forward ever so slightly between her companions at the insistence of the camera operator. He wanted to make certain that the three posers’ faces were all in focus. He achieved superlative success in that regard! I LOVE this dag! Broad light bathed their cherubic faces that were touched with rouge before the completed likeness was handed to the parents, who must have been thrilled with the results. I wonder how many “takes” it took to achieve such a successful sitting? The mottled background pushes the subjects almost outside the brass mat. The orange circle on one cheek might have been from the tinting. The beauty dot on the oldest gal’s lip was hers. When did I last gaze upon such a gorgeous teenaged female in a dag? The condition of the piece is excellent! There is scattered patina near the mat edges. “Davis Tribe Henniker NH” was penciled on a bottom paper printed with French text inside the kids’ full leather case.