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Sixth Plate


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SHE KNEW! That lonesome forehead curl didn’t just happen folks. This was a dynamic lass who entered rooms and expected people to pay attention to her. That bold pose immediately captured my attention and admiration. I studied her fingers and thought, was this the daguerreotypist taking a self-portrait on a newly taped sixth plate? Although she scrubbed her hands, some of the grime or polishing rouge wasn’t completely removed. The woman was unusually posed and superbly confident! The tone of her hair coupled with all those facial freckles certainly suggests that she had a red mane and maybe medium hued green eyes! If you still aren’t convinced that she was a self-made very independent woman, look at those three rings! I like her boldness! Wildly flowing oxidation is everywhere! Mat scratches are plainly visible on the right side. Most of the myriad of white specks will not be visible to the next owner. That is a teeny blue dot with a white center on the poser’s forehead. An intact leather case has a worn and faded red silk pad inside.