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Sixth Plate


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WICKED DARKENED! What ever did that father do in his life that kept him outdoors in direct searing sunlight most of his adult life? The daguerreotypist responsible for the family’s resealed sixth size likeness must have cringed when they entered his working space. He immediately would have noticed the wide range of tones in their complexions. To his credit, he concentrated on what he knew best and produced a very passable piece. Although her parents tried in vain to keep their cute little girl in place, she didn’t understand that moving her head wasn’t permissible. Obviously, this was the BEST likeness that the man made. I certainly know that all those mold spiders are a distraction and maybe even the white dag frosting, but as I hold the trio in the bottom of their leather case (the cover is apart) I must tell you that these people are interesting. The mother was attractive and she wore impressive jewelry including four rings on one hand. Those appear to be diamonds in her brooch! The gent, who could have been HER father and the kid’s grandfather, was a Mason. Note his miniature pin on that white shirt. The deep reflections in the silver are incredible. The stain of the lady’s dress was done the day the piece was taken. Patina is plentiful also.