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Sixth Plate


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THE BOYS’ BUTTONS . . . Had a raised design on each one but even using an 8x loupe I can’t quite ascertain the theme. The older lad was permitted to have a white frilly collar while his brother was dressed in a shirt without the neck flourishes. He sat rigidly and intensely watched their maker. The standing child was unable to stay still while the exposure was made even though he was probably instructed to extend his arm across the top of the chair “to keep his sibling tranquil”! Well, part of the equation was successful. The resealed sixth sized likeness requires a strong lamp to light the shadows (filled with daguerreian frosting dots) and also successfully illuminate their cute faces. The black mark on the younger kid’s chin was a part of him. Mold spiders are plentiful along with some white dots and a couple mat scrapes. Oxidation undulates around the brothers. Holographic depth is quite impressive. Their leather case is in two parts.