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Sixth Plate


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RIGHT PROPER GENTLEMAN. He was seated with one leg resting over his thigh. Those hands, that were nicely tinted and included a dollop of gold on his pinky ring, were held restfully waist high. His unbuttoned jacket revealed a white shirtfront (slightly solarized) decorated by a long slender chain attached to a lorgnette or pendant magnifier. The golden buttons have darker blue circles encompassing them. The wispy lines remained nearly invisible when a pale pigment was painted over the shirt. The man’s neatly clipped sideburns were rather unobtrusive and his wiry hair was completely under his control. The strength of the subject’s sixth plate dag, that has a new archival seal, is his professionally tinted face full of character. While his expression was neutral, I am completely impressed because the maker instructed the fellow to turn his head slightly and focus on a point past the camera. There is a smattering of teeny white flecks on the reflective surface. And faint rubbing near the oxidation mid right side. The man’s complete leather case is akin to being brand new!