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Sixth Plate


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A LITTLE RASCAL! The gentle curve of the furniture and the pattern on the fabric attracted me to this sixth plate portrait initially. Then I realized that the lad was interesting too. Sometimes filthy glass hides important aspects of a portrait. I could see how uncomfortable the young boy was as he did his best to obey the wishes of his parents. I looked at his hands without realizing initially that he held the edge of an object on the right side. I THINK it was a large fur or felt hat. Even after new glass and an archival seal were completed that fancy chapeau is still difficult to examine. It looked funky enough! I am wishing the kid had worn it while the lens was recording his likeness. Yep, the sitter might have moved or the plate was skewed slightly causing his torso and face to be soft. There are a myriad of specks and flecks on the surface. Speckled tarnish and a few minor mat marks are visible too. I just opened the intact leather case and was stunned once again by the amazing bright reflectiveness!