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Sixth Plate


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SITTING PRETTY! Wasn’t she an adorable young gal when she posed with papa for their newly taped sixth plate portrait? I also know who they were because a slip of paper in the bottom of their complete leather case had this information: “George Buell born April 2 1821 – his daughter Ella born Oct. 25 1850 & died Jan. 27- 1925”. Dad and daughter made a marvelous duo on their splendidly prepared silvery surface. Granted there are deep polishing marks. They both sparkle as the image is rotated in good viewing light. Rich patina and remarkable reflectance heighten my appreciation of the pair. Red blush accentuated their cheeks while a darker hue was painted on Ella’s necklace. The maker also used gold to highlight that clasp and the girl’s tiny ring. A few tiny black dots are visible and also that odd line on the child’s arm, that isn’t a scratch. I like their dag!