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Sixth Plate


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NOT A BUTTERFLY NET! Oh eBay dealers! Sure, it does look like that child was given a prop while he posed complacently for a newly taped sixth plate likeness. However, even IF the kid became lepidopterologist as an adult, it probably wasn’t due to the tiny BASKET resting on the table and that small riding crop held in his chubby fingers! What captivated my curiosity was not the misrepresentation. That white hazy residue couldn’t have occurred from an attempt to clean the silver since the red tinting is still bright. I needed to know if distilled water would remove it and the answer is no! DARN! All is not lost though, since after a careful inspection and sharing the cute lad with Erin and Casey, we all agreed that the dag was produced by an itinerant outdoors. Notice the lumpy carpet and the strip of grass between the bottom of two backcloths and the rug. That is a teeny stick on the left. The cunning boy did move his head while the exposure was made! Sure the condition is less then I usually like. There is patina most noticeable along the bottom. The brighter area upper right was a flare of light that must have peeked through the covering overhead. One mold mite is noticeable upper left. A lovely leather case that is intact has a bright red embossed pad inside.