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A Carpenter with Attitude Sixth Plate Dag


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CARPENTER WITH AN ATTITUDE! An exceptional sixth plate occupational showing a very cocky young man seated sideways on a small, invisible chair. One arm is resting upon a blue and pink tinted tablecloth, with his wrist and casually arranged fingers just over the edge. That strong horizontal line directs visual attention to his other hand where he is holding the tools of his trade, a claw hammer and crosscut saw on his thighs. The clarity and sharpness of the archivally sealed piece is so outstanding that I can see a tiny metallic wedge that was driven into the wooden handle to keep the business end from slipping. The carpenter has immense poise and self-confidence for a man his age. His clothing and distinctive hat symbolizes success. The daguerreotypist was equally skilled at his trade, creating a potent portrait with superb lighting, contrast and tonality. This image bursts away from the decorative scalloped brass mat and matching shape of patina. The surface is flawless and the whole leather case is fine.


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