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Sixth Plate


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THE BEST. How many men and women have you seen in archivally prepared sixth plates holding guitars awkwardly? Immediately it was obvious that the subjects had no clue about actually playing them! Okay, not many I suspect but my point should be obvious. This attentive gal certainly was a musician ready to perform after her portrait was completed. The daguerreotypist, M. Wright, (who might be Michael Wright in Craig’s compendium) positioned her perfectly in the lower left quadrant of the nearly unscathed brilliantly buffed mirrored surface. When her intact leather case is opened a beautifully pressed floral design in the deep red velvet cushion offers a wonderful contrast to the artistic woman. Her maker added blush to her cheeks and painted gold on that large brooch. Broad illumination bathed the gal and her instrument completely. There are several faint brown spots, one deep polishing mark across the top almost in the patina that flows around her and a few mat scrapes.