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Casey used a small format camera to make a series of archivally sealed sixth sized daguerreotypes (the actual plate measures 2 1/4 x 2 3/4 inches) from his car when he was driving in New York City in March 2011. These hand held daguerreotype snapshots were first exhibited at the New York photo show last month. Two were immediately purchased and at the end of the show I acquired this marvelous piece (my personal favorite of the group). For me to say that the Flatiron structure was an iconic architectural masterpiece many times photographed really isn’t necessary. However, I believe THIS work of art is the FIRST dag snapshot every taken! The inscription at the top of the piece reads: “Snapshot of Flatiron from my car”. In the lower right corner: “3-15-11” and in the opposite corner: “CAW”. I commissioned the construction of a black-framed shadow box around the scenic view (and it looks tremendous on our wall but it is so difficult to accurately photograph and reproduce that the next owner will have to trust me for the moment). For information about the edifice please visit this site. I am very proud to offer one of Casey’s visionary daguerreotypes.