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Sixth Plate


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299 1/2! That was the address (stamped in teeny numbers on the scalloped brass mat) for Lorenzo Chase when he operated on Washington St. Boston in the early 1850s. His adorable little subject sat ramrod straight and remained motionless while holding a small polished piece of wood. The boy’s flesh tones are rather odd and I don’t know why. The silver of the resealed sixth size portrait was never cleaned. The red tint on that fancy upholstered chair and on his tiny lips is still bright. I wonder if Chase experimented with a different pigment and at the moment he presented the piece to grateful parents, their son’s skin appeared natural. 160 years of antiquing can create strange appearances. Admittedly I overlooked the color aberration and was blown away with those excessive crisply starched white shirt cuffs, the rich blacks and the outstanding reflected depth. I also noticed the perfect focus that revealed a teeny scar above the lad’s eyebrow. One mold spider grew on his chubby cheek and there are others scattered on the surface. The patina freely flows and is multi-hued. The leather case has an adequate spine repair. Upon opening it, the 3-D effect will impress any viewer.