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Wry Gent Taken by Whipple


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A CLASSIC PACKAGE! He was middle aged when he visited John Whipple’s gallery but the perfectly composed man managed a wry smile while the electroplated copper and silver sensitized mirror recorded his visage in a manner of perfection that was a hallmark of the establishment. The resealed sixth plate was placed in the most easily recognizable plain black leather push button case that was favored by several Boston daguerreotypists. Flares from the original patina all point towards the sitter, who was illuminated from overhead. Whipple preferred daguerreotyping many of his patrons with a broad composition that revealed more of the people then many of his competitors. He also attained certain richness in the process that was rather remarkable. This outstanding example, having deep reflected depth, has aged rather flawlessly. Don’t mistake several nearly invisible “bubbles” in the silver above the tablecloth as later aberrations. Those were present the day the gentleman received his image.