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Sixth Plate


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UNIQUE HALLMARK! Granny might have been so blinded by the brightness in an unknown maker’s daguerreian rooms that she was forced to close her eyes while this remarkable resealed sixth plate was being executed. Or her eyesight had failed and she simply relaxed those lids, which covered her orbs completely. I could try and fool all of you astute readers by using an eBay technique: “postmortem of dead person”! Hmmm maybe I should continue along that theme, “there is a dot (of blood) on her bottom lip AND someone cinched a cord rather tightly around her waist (to hold her upright in an invisible chair). She was rather still and her flesh was very pale”. Shall I continue or simply say that the elderly subject intrigues me. I will mention that both Casey and I received further plate maker information when he saw “BD (over) 30 (with) 1 next to the 30”. The hallmark was enclosed in a rectangular outline from the impression of the dye stamp most likely. Other than the mold spiders seen in my scan, and the tarnish surrounding the subject, who sits in the bottom of a leather case with a detached cover, the condition is excellent. Tinting was added to her cheeks and lips. There is a crimp in the lower center of the surface that isn’t immediately visible.