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Sixth Plate


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POLISH A PIECE . . . Of silver clad to copper plate and instead of exposing it to the light, a clever daguerreotypist (most likely from Ohio) decided to secure it to the red silk pad inside a complete leather case and make this inscription: “Mrs. E. Barnum Age 64 yrs 1855”. I have had other retaped sixth plate examples with a similar presentation where a Buckeye State operator actually signed his name. Before I dropped the leather case, it was intact. I will ask Casey to repair the spine of course. When I turn Mrs. Barnum negative, I can see a faint impression on the oval dag brooch below her chin. I wonder what the pleated fabric draped over her arm was? She was a spunky woman with a ready smile and sparkling eyes! Those bright flashes on her dress were bits of dust trapped in the gold chloride. Color was crudely added to her complexion and parts of that white day cap. Patina is evident too.