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Sixth Plate


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“MARSTON’S”! The elegant older woman with a friendly face chose her maker well and she was rewarded with an excellent archivally taped sixth plate daguerreotype. The sitter was identified “Lydia Kimber half sister of Grandmother Roberts . . . (then) Leonard, married shoemaker” The next owner will be delighted to figure this out I’m sure! And since Craig’s Daguerreian Registry lists five different daguerreians with this last name but none of whom stamped their mats exactly like this example, I am uncertain myself, who was responsible for the highly contrasted and deeply reflective gem. I would suggest that Joseph H., who operated the longest for nearly 10 years in Philadelphia, would have been the most likely operator. Although the subject’s hands look well used, there still was strength in them. I really like her earnest and forthright expression. Kinda wish she were still around so I could sit on a cool rainy day, drinking tea in the parlor, to politely interview the lady. I would be even more captivated by those large dark eyes. Nice dark patina and a few meaningless white dots are on the surface. Dust was trapped and covered by gold chloride upper right and at the bottom of the oval opening. She was placed in a fancy leather push button case, but alas the cover is missing.