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Sixth Plate


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HE WAS SHY FOR SURE. A cute little boy leaned against his mom as their image was executed. An inked identification was found underneath the pair in the remainder of their sixth plate leather case: “Aunt Rebecca and Charlie (Reid)”. Readers, let me say that their daguerreotype, while it does have very broad patina, is in “the day it was taken” condition. The richness of the tonality is rarely duplicated and never exceeded! It has the appearance of a simple effort taken in a studio that had an opening above the duo where illumination entered. The position of mom’s arm was placed in her lap, which permitted her to gently hold her son’s hand reveals forethought in the composition. AND the highly skilled operator asked the lady to place her wedding bands on the opposite finger where they would be seen. Even the lad’s grimace doesn’t detract from his mother’s mysterious dark eyes and beautiful freckled face. This is a very lovely dag to hold and admire.