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Sixth Plate


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WAS THE ROOM TILTED? Or could the husband possibly been coming off a bender and his world was moving while the rest of humanity stood (in this instance his wife was sitting) still? What ho, was she also doing a little leaning too? I believe that she had gas but didn’t want to fart for their maker as he used all his cunning to capture the couple on a retaped sixth plate. His fabric used in the image was well traveled and quickly hung for these patrons. Look at those individual coils of hair on the woman’s forehead. A fashion statement or a clue to something more devious? In spite of my obvious attempt to make you all laugh, well I am at least, I really like them! See those two parallel lines upper right. I can’t see them on the plate or on the glass even using a loupe. There is a bump on the gent’s left shoulder where the plate crimped during the polishing process. Their leather case doesn’t have a spine.