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Sixth Plate


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HIS WATCH KEY . . . Was suspended on a string that hung around the guy’s neck. Could that round glossy object have been a metallic button that was reflecting light that entered the small studio from the left side? Or was it a sixth plate dag UFO? Even using a loupe I’m not certain but I lean for the first explanation. If the size of the man’s head was in proportion to his frame, he would have been a substantial male model. Have you noticed yet? The lower half of his face was shaped like the bottom of a perfect peanut! Could he actually have had jowls that puffy or was the gent holding his breath. His beard was perfectly manicured and his glossy eyes looked directly into the lens. While they weren’t smiling his lips were ready to whistle! Patina, including that runaway blue blip on the right side, below a large mold spider doesn’t interfere with my appreciation of his recently taped holographic gem. The leather case cover is absent.