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Sixth Plate


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BOATS ON THE HUDSON. “Weston 132 Chatham” (St. New York) was stamped in the sixth plate brass mat across the bottom of the gent’s likeness. Aside from those way cool trousers the fella wore while he posed for Mr. Weston in front of that painted idyllic scene that was a staple of the gallery, the man was fairly nondescript UNTIL you notice the nose! My goodness, one sneeze and two large linen handkerchiefs would have been necessary to contain the outflow. Hey, it IS my dag and I can make sport of the dude if I so desire. Another person resealed the dag, which is a technical triumph on silver. Those are not scratches across the top. Simply breaks in the patina. A couple mold spiders and some other specks are negligible. The subject’s face and hands were tinted. His leather case is complete but the hinge is hanging today and only gravity is keeping it together!