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Sixth Plate


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WAS IT A STUDIO DOLL? With such detachment, both from the object resting against her arm and the entire process of having a retaped sixth plate made, I really wonder if the inanimate toy belonged to the tiny girl? Running through her mind was probably something like this, “Mommy and daddy really want me to be a good girl and if I am I will have a treat, so I had best sit here very still!” Don’t you wonder what her reward might have been? The maker wasn’t the most highly skilled daguerreotypist when it came to buffing his surface. Yet he managed to create a loving image of the child, which he thought to improve and impress her parents when he added lots of gold. Those two books weren’t really necessary either. There is something about the child that touches my heart though. Simply stated, I like her! Mold mites are in the right corners. One is on her dress and another on the tablecloth. Oxidation matches the curves of the mat for the most part. The complete leather case is nice.