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Sixth Plate


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SUN BONNETS. Very curious attire especially if it was summer time in their local. The ladies wore long sleeved dresses . . . I just realized they might have been Southern girls and even in the winter months the sunshine still could have been strong enough to dapple their fair skin with harmful rays. Did they know about those kinds of things in the mid-1850s? Let me point out a couple other observations I noticed while admiring the gals? archivally taped sixth plate. Each one wore a wedding ring and only one mesh glove that was open at the fingertips. I wonder if they were sisters or maybe sisters-in-laws? The camera was silhouetted in both pairs of bright eyes that reflected almost a circular light source that bathed them beautifully from behind the operator. The lens was perfectly focus so that details in the subjects? faces and their ensembles were clearly visible. As you might imagine the reflected depth is very impressive and the tonality is exquisite. A couple mat marks and a few teeny specks don?t mar the finally prepared silvery gem kept in a complete leather case.