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Sixth Plate


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WHAT WAS THE BOOK? A dramatic husband held an open tome while his wife was nestled near him for their sixth size portrait that has a new seal. Using a loupe revealed neat lines of type, either letters or music on the pages yet nothing was clear enough to know for certain. Was the tousled hair chap an author or a musician? He could have been handed the book so he would keep his hands off the lovely lady sitting nearby. With those pair of golden rings I suspect she really was his spouse. Lucky man! I know you are all wondering about the “texture” of this particular portrait. Allow me to say when their worn complete leather case is opened and the angle of view is perfect, the couple has sensational holographic depth. They also become wicked sharp. The married couple are really chameleons! From rather straightforward and droll to enlightened and alive on the silver. Their maker picked the jewels in the lady’s brooch. A couple mold spiders and teeny mat marks are hardly noticeable.