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Sixth Plate


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HIS STRANGE APPEARANCE. Shall I begin with his recently shorn and partially shaped head of hair? The teenager?s bright eyes caught reflections from nearly equal intensity light sources that flanked him while he was seated in front of a painted scene that was once tinted much brighter before another person cleaned the silver of his newly sealed sixth plate. Those orbs presented us with a 1,000 mile stare amplified by his locked in place narrow lips! Then what caught my immediate attention were those fuzz ornaments on the bottom of his lantern jaw line. He certainly portrayed a tough kid with an attitude kind of chap. Most remarkable to Casey and I was that wristband that he prominently displayed! Plus his painted pinky ring. It was very odd in the mid-1840s to see any man seated with his jacket cuffs turned up. Obviously, he was proud of that bracelet and made certain that it would be seen. Additional colors were added to the tablecloth and his hair. He is held in a leather case that is separated at the spine.