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Sixth Plate


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THE CALMADY CHILDREN . . . Design on a thermoplastic case is one of my absolute sixth size favorites! The archivally sealed daguerreotype inside mimics the pose on the cover of the box in reverse. See what you think. The back of the brown case, which is in fine condition, has grapes, vines and leaves inside an oval as the central theme. The artistic arrangement of these siblings was all about angles and togetherness. Their countenances were executed with a soft focus that effectively created a rather dreamy atmosphere. However, if the top of that wooden chair is examined, it appears to have been sharp, which leads me to speculate that the daguerreotypist created this mini masterwork by accident. Hey sometimes a mistake leads to artistic genius! The broad patina vignetted the kids. The remainder of the silvery reflectance is a beautiful chocolate brown hue. While my scan reproduces the tonality and tinting on the children?s faces, the effervescence of their portrait and the marvelous impact of handling such an exquisite piece are totally absent!