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Sixth Plate


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A FAMILIAR CLOTH! I have seen sixth sized daguerreotypes taken by several identified New York City operators and the table decoration had the identical pattern. Unfortunately, I do not know who made the likeness of this pale blonde pixie when she stood full length in his studio. Her resealed portrait shimmers after the leather case, with an old leather spine repair has been opened. Walk around her reflected depth coupled with great contrast created a most impressive child’s likeness. Her lovely eyes and quizzical expression added to my enjoyment. I believe that the girl stood on a low stool to obtain a proper height that satisfied her maker. Striations to the left of the child’s head look like rough buff strokes to me. I think that is a scratch near her dress and definitely those are mat abrasions above the table. The daguerreotypist used pliers to crimp his plate in the lower right corner and a portion of that bend is visible inside the brass opening.