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Sixth Plate


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HOW ON EARTH . . . Did Casey manage to SEE the teeny earrings that man wore while he was so pleasantly posed seated next to his serious and pretty young companion? Even after he made a new archival seal, I had to use an 8x loupe to clearly examine the metallic loops. Both subjects’ eyes are interesting to study, after you stop looking at their lips. Each set received a healthy dollop of red tint! Hence, I didn’t want to see that color or the remainder of the tinting disappear by cleaning the brown spots. Those mold spiders would have remained. Oh yes, their eyes! Neither young person peered directly into the lens although at first glance it appeared as though they did. The lady held a small book partially open while her man snuck one arm behind the lass and held her tiny waist. His other hand, which was enormous, rested across his waist. That object between the man’s arm and torso was a large printed piece of fabric that was partially tucked into the slash pocket on the outside of his jacket. Good reflected depth, wonderful tonality and fine contrast plus less noticeable spots make this dag enjoyable to view. Their very worn sixth size leather case had two lovebirds embossed on the covers. I wonder if this was an engagement portrait prior to the seaman setting sail across the seven oceans?