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Sixth Plate


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APPROACHING MANHOOD! Rings of patina in multiple colors have formed in the oval shape of the brass mat surrounding the youngster. White spots and dots can clearly be seen. Yet the lovely lad, who wore a vest that had been improperly re-sewn before he sat for his sixth plate image about 1846, is absolutely mesmerizing. The bold stripes on that vest, that don’t quite line up to perfection, fascinate me. His broad rectangular freckled face is interesting. Those piercing brown eyes are amazing. No matter how I view the boy, they never quit looking directly at me. Instantly ready to directly engage any and all persons who walked into the room. His tarnish covered hands look large while his arms seem foreshortened. If I didn’t know better, I would suggest that a small telephoto lens was used when the newly taped likeness was produced. Great deep depth and fine contrast are very evident. A faded red velvet cushion inside the full leather case was embossed with a similar Delicate Roses theme that is seen on the covers.