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Sixth Plate


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LADY BY PLUMBE. Since there has never been a definitive study of the chairs and tablecloths seen in each of the Plumbe galleries that spanned the eastern seaboard from Boston south to New Orleans and many points inland and as far west as St. Louis and Dubuque IA, with many city locations in between, I am unable to even suggest where this youthful woman was taken in sixth plate size. New glass and an archival seal have revealed the clarity that was usually obtained by a myriad of Plumbe camera operators. Illumination bathed the subject from the right and a fill card opposite softened the shadows. Her pose was common with one arm resting on that small cloth draped table and while the other arm was placed near her thigh. The woman’s hands were in a six to nine o’clock position in the lower portion of the portrait. The lass gently pursed her tinted lips and gazed easily past the plane of the electroplated plate. Gold was used to embellish her jewelry. While the likeness was probably created circa 1846, the leather case with a repaired hinge seems later although there is a bright red silk pad inside. There is speckled patina around the sitter emanating from inside the octagonal brass mat that has “PLUMBE” impressed in the lower right corner. The bright line on her dress was a bristle trapped in the gold chloride. It disappears at the better viewing angles. The aging process was perfect! The woman still sparkles brightly!