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Sixth Plate


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STARK CONTRAST! There are restored sixth plate daguerreotypes that have great reflected depth. Many have exquisite illumination. Tonality and contrast are also very important. Crisp focus and an intriguing subject are additional assets. I will make this simple guarantee to the next owner of this amazing portrait. When you open the mature woman’s complete leather case for the first time . . . you will instantly want to converse with her. She floats out of the darkness into your space while checking the surroundings and studying you, the person holding her image. One of the most superlative yet simple efforts that I have had the pleasure of owning in many months. The sculpted brass mat was a perfect choice to best display her likeness. There is a mold spider on her shoulder and a few tendrils upper left with patina that hugs the outer edges of the presentation. Pale red pigment was painted on her sun-darkened complexion. She may have lost her teeth and her physical stature might have shrunk somewhat but I am willing to say that those piercing blue eyes still permitted the subject to command respect in any situation!