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Sixth Plate


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AN EARLY EXAMPLE. Rufus Anson has been described as one of the most prolific daguerreotypists in New York City once he commenced his career circa 1852. He and his employees worked well into the 1860s producing portraits that ranged from extraordinary to downright trivial. His studio impression on the oval brass mat, “Anson 589 Broadway” was probably indicative of his first year in operations at that location, having initially worked at 633 Broadway. Since the fellow’s hair has such excellent definition and the front of his handsome face is slightly soft, this resealed sixth plate suggests that the operator didn’t estimate the depth of field correctly. I mention this fact in passing since the likeness inside a complete leather case that had the hinge reglued is outstanding. You can see strong buff strokes in the silver in a couple places. There is nice patina in a narrow oval shape and a few minuscule specks. The rugged gent’s depth is holographic and pale red rouge was painted on his cheeks and lips.