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Sixth Plate


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HOLDING UP HER CHIN? I know I shouldn’t take advantage of experienced women . . . but you all must admit, this mature lady did wear a rather peculiar fastened ribbon that caressed her jaw line while she remained calm when a daguerreotypist captured her essence on a newly taped sixth plate that is kept in the bottom of a leather case. I am thoroughly impressed by the operator?s crisp focus and skillful use of light that recorded every nook and cranny in granny?s (you should have felt that coming folks) ancient flesh. He also manipulated the illumination to remove reflections from her octagonal shaped glasses. The woman?s slender figure and her narrow shoulders were simply there to support her marvelous face. Outrageously broad tonal values and impressive deep depth plus the textures in her fabrics add to the overall brilliance of this simple likeness. Patina moves gently inside the oval opening. There is one dimple in the silver against the brass on the right side. A few harmless flecks and specks are visible too.