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On His Pony, Sixth Plate Dag


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WHO WAS SHE? Standing there by an open, recently painted wooden gate one must wonder if the woman was the lad’s proud mother? Naturally the daguerreian, who was called out of his studio on an assignment to record the boy seated on his pony, focused his camera on the youth. A bright even over cast day was perfect to record the scene on a recently archivally sealed sixth plate. Outstanding contrast and the broadest range of tones are visible on this truly holographic example. I am utterly impressed with the youth’s ability to relax so well astride his animal that neither one moved while the dark slide was pulled during the exposure. Folks, this was not an easy image to make. The camera operator obviously had good rapport with the young rider, who dressed the part for his formal portrait. The horse was perfectly groomed too. Leaving the gateway ajar might have signified that the daguerreotypist would have been most welcome to come inside afterwards. This extremely impressive horizontal scene is so highly reflective that it is almost possible to join the people on the plate and walk around the yard, while watching out for any road apples hidden in the shaggy grass of course. The leather case the dag came with was mismatched and much too late so I have used an appropriate leather case with a professionally repaired hinge and an architectural view on the covers of “Wolfert’s Roost”! Oxidation is noticeable along the perimeter on what I can proclaim as a perfectly aged piece.