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The steely-eyed gent prominently displayed a folded newspaper circa 1853 as he held it with his pair of enormous weather-beaten hands. If they were taken alone in another resealed sixth plate daguerreotype, those mitts would have created a modern day sensation. The fellow was definitely NOT a wealthy gentleman farmer! His portrait exudes strength, confidence and success in defeating any challenges that the subject faced during his lifetime. Maybe he retired after so many years of toil and became the publisher of the paper that he so proudly displayed. I altered the second scan so that the title could be easily read. Does anyone know more about the rag? The more I have thought about this intriguing image, the less I truly understand. It certainly borders on the edge of a dag conundrum! Tarnish is evident near the edges of the scalloped brass mat. A few mold mites dot the finely polished and reflective silver. The intact leather case has a weak hinge. I will add that it is delightful to view the image while seeing the sitter at different angles.